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Progress made in PV production, more is needed

April 16, 2009

 In 2007 at the PV Fab Managers Forum in Dresden, Germany, we heard about the “importance of improvements in equipment and manufacturing to bringing down the costs of solar PV in the future”  In an article on the 2008 PV Fab Managers Forum “Photovoltaic Fab Managers Forum Review”, by Mark Osborne, , the conclusion is a call for more fab improvement. He concludes “While current demand outstrips supply for PV modules, [how fast things change], it was made clear by attendees that unless cost-per-watt and volume production goals are achieved in the short and medium range term, the renewable energies marketplace could lose patience with PV as a viable mainstream energy generator” The 2009 Forum continued that theme with an emphasis on supply chain improvements. In “PV Fab Manager Wish List: Achieving an Efficient Supply Chain”, , by Eddy Blokken, called for improvement in manufacturing and cost cutting. I think the consistency of the perceived needs proves their validity. Proven tools are needed to help solve these problems. An agenda for improvement in a  PV fab might consist of  Equipment utilization/Overall Equipment Effectiveness, (OEE is availability x performance x quality) , equipment material state model, enable rerouting of material, dispatching, and advanced planning and scheduling, . This agenda can be tackled with a good APS tool like ManSim.  With a validated ManSim model rerouting products around down tools, dispatching, order planning can all be addressed. What-if analysis can be done to find the best solution to a problem, before you assign scarce resources to implement a change. Free white papers are available for download on this blog site. As always, we like to hear your comments.


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